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Smart tennis punters can rake in a lot of profits by placing live tennis bets at top online sportsbooks. The odds keep changing point by point and live betting is a facility that allows punters to place bets on the winner of the next point. Some of the best bookmakers in the industry offer comprehensive commentaries of the match and even allow punters to watch the match online while simultaneously placing bets. Since the betting activity moves alongside the match in live betting, punters are in a better position to place well-informed bets and bend the odds in their favor.

Live Tennis Betting Markets

The live tennis betting markets available have something for everybody; in other words, online sports betting facilities offer bets for recreational as well as professional punters. This means that bettors can place small bets just for fun or large lucrative bets with the intention of making a profit. Serious live tennis bettors must, of course, put in a lot of hard work in the form of researching the teams, players, and the match, shopping for the best odds, and staying alert for odd fluctuations to grab the best deals in order to get the most of the live tennis betting experience.

One of the most popular forms of live tennis betting is match betting, which is simply placing a bet on the results of the game. This bet can be placed at any point during the match. A Set Bet is placed on the exact set score, and players can also bet on the winner of the first set.

Other betting markets include the Total Matches Games, a type of over/under bet; the Alternative Game Handicaps, in which players get a handicap based on the number of games the match comprises; Correct Score, which is a bet placed on what punters consider to be the correct score for each set; and Total Player, which is a bet placed on the number of games won by each player.

How It Works

Before the tennis match begins, online sportsbooks offer odds, which include underdogs and favorites. However, since it is live betting, the odds will keep fluctuating at every point and the favorite might no longer remain the favorite when the match draws to a close. Punters can place live bets at any point during the match.

LIve Tennis Betting Strategies

The very fact that the odds keep fluctuating from point to point in a tennis match presents excellent opportunities for punters to grab the best odds at any point during the match. Simultaneously, the timing of the bet also has an important role to play. Some bets are best placed at the start of the match, some in the middle, and some toward the end.

Punters also need to visit multiple online bookmakers to get the best odds simply because one cannot bet on both sides at one bookmaker. If players play from two or even three online bookmakers, they can bet on both sides and make a cool profit because they will surely win at least one of the bets.

Live Tennis Betting Sites

Since tennis betting is very popular, a number of online sportsbooks such as Victor Chandler, Bet365, Betfair, William Hill, Ladbrokes,, and others offer live tennis betting. As previously mentioned, serious punters need to be associated with as many online sportsbooks as possible in order to identify the best odds.
Punters simply have to hit the live betting option on the online sportsbook to be taken to the entire list of tennis matches in progress. The next step is to choose a match they are interested in and place the bet.


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