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Since the popularity of darts is ever on the rise and an increasing number of darts games are shown on television, online bookmakers have decided to take advantage of the situation. As a result, traditional darts betting as well as live darts betting is offered at online sportsbooks. Betting on darts, however, is tough and only a few punters can actually make a profit betting on live darts games.

Types of Live Darts Bets

There are several types of live darts bets, and beginners to live darts betting must first learn all the different types of bets before attempting to place a bet online. Since online sportsbooks offer live darts betting on almost every televised darts tournament, players can try placing the Accumulator Bet, in which they place multiple bets on several darts players on the possibility that they will win. The Accumulator Bet is not without its risks, but it is usually placed when the darts tournament is in its early phases.

Needless to say, the Accumulator Bet isn’t the only type of bet in live darts betting. Online sportsbooks offer a wide range of betting options for darts punters, giving them the chance to place and modify their bets as per the major events that unfold during a darts tournament. Although the odds shorten when one player gets in a favorable position, a darts tournament always offers several opportunities for players to cash in on the situation.

Darts experts believe that the best time to place darts bets is just before the tournament begins simply because the odds tend to shorten as the tournament progresses. Some of the top in-play darts bets at Bet365 include Highest Checkout, Winning Margin, Winner of Next Leg, Highest Average, and many others. As the darts tournament continues, bettors will get a very good idea of how each player is performing and which type of bet they have to place.

Darts Tournaments

The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), which was launched in 1992, runs a wide range of darts tournament at the junior, professional, as well as amateur levels. The game has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years, giving live darts bettors at online bookmakers to employ a wide range of betting strategies in an attempt to rake in the maximum profits.

The PDC World Darts Championship sees top darts players from several countries across the globe participating. This mega darts event is held every year in London, and over the past 17 years, only five players—Dennis Priestley, Phil Taylor, John Part, Adrian Lewis, and Raymond van Barneveld—emerged as the darts champions.

This championship encourages a lot of punting activity all over the world with several online sportsbooks offering promotions to encourage bettors to bet on the event. The prize pool is also quite impressive, with the winner scooping up a pot as large as £200,000 back in 2010.

Another interesting darts event, which creates a great deal of excitement among punters all over the world, is the World Match Play Championships held in Blackpool, carrying a prize pool as large as £100,000. The World Grand Prix is yet another exciting darts tournament, which is held in Ireland every year.

Live Darts Betting Sites

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Bettors with a penchant for darts can find the best live darts betting at a wide range of online sports betting sites such as Betfair and Bet365, to mention just two. Online sportsbook review sites state that Bet365 Sportsbook offers better options than any other online bookmaker, but darts bettors can find some great live darts betting at online sportsbooks such as Paddy Power,, William Hill, Bet365, Titan Bet, and others.


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