Horse Racing Betting Strategy

Quick Tips on Horse Racing Betting Strategy

There are many people out there that claim that they hold the ultimate in horse racing betting strategy.  There have been numerous systems developed to do just that, but they should never replace a solid horse racing betting strategy.  The fact is that most of the horse racing betting strategy systems simply don't work and the people that are designing them are making more money off of the people gambling than they are on the ponies themselves.  If the horse racing betting strategy systems were so good, why wouldn't there be many more high rollers on the tracks on any given day winning the races almost exclusively?
The truth of the matter is that there are some time tested horse racing betting strategies that a gambler can rely on to win.  These strategies are not fool proof and will not win every time.  They call it gambling for a reason and if there were a single system to ensure that every person betting on horse races won every single time horse racing simply wouldn't be the exciting Sport of Kings that it is.  

Unlike other forms of gambling where a player might simply rely on the flop of a card, or the toss of a die, a person cannot rely on that when contemplating an effective horse racing betting strategy.  Horse racing is truly a thinking man's (or woman's) sport.  A horse racing enthusiast will have to do their homework to win consistently and to develop a good horse racing betting strategy.  While this may sound like too much work for some people, the winner's will find this as a challenge.  In fact, much of the excitement that is horse racing comes from watching the ponies and learning the ins and outs of what a winning horse racing betting strategy is all about.

What To Watch

With that in mind an effective horse racing betting strategy is based on several simple tenets.  A person betting on the horse must first and foremost pay attention to the fitness of the horse.  This might be as simple as watching one stable, if a person is predisposed to betting on one stable of horses, or watching a wide variety of horses.  At any rate, it's a good idea to ascertain the fitness of all of the horses; even cursory information can help, of all of the horses in any particular race prior to betting.  A person must then look very closely at the horses that they are going to bet on.  For example, if a person is looking at betting on Horse A, that person should learn everything they can about Horse A.  There are primarily two ways of doing this.  To ascertain fitness, and a viable horse racing betting strategy, a person must look at the training, as well as the previous races of  Horse A.  If the horse hasn't run a race in several months this may be an indication that there is something wrong.  At any rate, it may beneficial to wait on this horse until it has a few recent races to look at.  Also, if the horse is undergoing a new training program than what it has been subjected to prior to any of its wins, it may also be beneficial to see the fruits of this training before placing any serious wager on the horse.  A show or place bet may be a more solid bet depending on the research of the horse racer.  This is all determined beforehand in the person's horse racing betting strategy and not made up on the spot on race day.
Another item to watch is the length of the race when putting together a horse racing betting strategy.  There are some horses that are able to compete well at virtually any given distance, but just as people fair better at certain races, so too do horses.  In fact there are very few horses that can compete equally effectively at any distance.  When putting together an effective horse racing betting strategy a gambler should look at the wins that the horse has and what distances those horses won at.  For example, if a person is looking at betting on a horse for a long distance race, a player shouldn't put hardly any stock at all in the wins of its short distance races.  The difference in race distances is far too great to effectively judge the outcome of a race at a distance that the horse is not accustomed to racing.  
By sticking to the basics to formulate an effective horse racing bet strategy, and doing the homework, a player can weather any storm that horse racing can throw at them.

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