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Golf is one of the most popular sports, encouraging a huge volume of betting activity whenever there is a golf tournament. Moreover, golf is a great hobby and the game is played recreationally by innumerable amateur golfers around the globe. It is not just golf players who enjoy the game, a large number of golf fans also watch golf tournaments covered by television channels. Punters can bet on a golf event traditionally, just before the tournament begins; however, technology and innovations in the online betting market have brought to punters something much more interesting than traditional golf betting, and that is live golf betting.

Live Golf Betting Markets

Exciting live golf betting markets are offered by all prominent online sportsbooks, and to get the best golf odds, punters are required to shop at as many online sportsbooks as possible. For instance, if golf bettors visit Bet365 Sportsbook, they will come across a wide range of bets such as top South African, top American, and others. In fact, Bet365 is one of the best online betting sites for live golf betting although bettors will find some excellent live golf betting action at online bookmakers such as, Titan Bet, Paddy Power Sportsbook, William Hill Sportsbook, Ladbrokes Sportsbook, and others.

Live Golf Betting Recommended Sites

Live golf betting can be done professionally as well as recreationally. While professional players need to put in a lot of research and hard work to rake in profits from their live golf bets, recreational bettors who don’t really care whether they win the bets or not, but are betting solely for the pleasure of betting can take it a bit easy. A recreational live golf bettor can either shop for the best golf betting odds by visiting a wide range of online sportsbooks or they can visit a betting exchange such as, which follows a peer-to-peer system of betting without the involvement of any bookmaker.

Most of the best live golf betting sites in the industry offer great odds and excellent promotions and bonuses. Besides live betting, they also offer other gaming services such as casino, poker, bingo, games, and others.

Exciting Golf Games

The world of golf comprises four exciting golf events—Masters, US Open, Open Championship, and Masters.

The oldest of the above-mentioned four is the Open Championship, which is played in Scotland. The first Open Championship was played in 1860 at Ayrshire’s Prestwick Golf Club, and today, the winner of the event can take home a purse of around £850,000.

The Masters is an annual golf event, held in Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Club. The best of the best professional golf players are chosen to participate in this event, which was launched in 1952 by the legendary golf player Ben Hogan. The golf player who has already won six Masters titles is Jack Nicklaus.

The US Open is the American version of the British Open, with both events welcoming amateur as well as professional golf players to participate. The prize pot is huge, and in 2010, it touched the $7.5 million mark. Jack Nicklaus and Ben Hogan have won the US Open four times each.

The USPGA Championship is the final event in the golf gaming calendar, the last chance for great professional golf players to pick a major prize and a title. The event was launched in 1894 to give amateurs a chance to prove their skills, but in 1916, it became an exclusive event for professional players.

Golf punters should also take into consideration the US Tour and the European Tour, both of which attract plenty of betting activity and promise prize pools in millions of dollars to the winners.


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