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A betting system is a collection of betting strategies carefully developed over time to beat house advantage and maximize one’s profits. Players need to modify their betting strategies depending on whether they are playing at land sportbooks or online sportbooks. Betting systems are used differently for different games of chance.


The most successful betting systems make the optimum use of rare gaming situations when the odds are definitely to the player’s advantage. The most popular betting systems include card counting for blackjack, Martingale system for roulette, handicapping for sports betting, and Arbitrage System and Hedging System for horse racing. Betting systems such as Martingale, Kelly Criterion, Anti Martingale, Split Martingale, D’Alembert, Regression, Contra D’Alembert, Regression, and Paroli are used for games that comprise a number of unrelated events such as roulette, slots, and others.


Live Sports Betting system

Live betting systems can be loosely classified into positive progression systems, negative progression systems, and insurance systems.


Positive Progression Systems

Positive progression systems encourage players to increase their bets whenever they win. All players are familiar with what is commonly known as a “winning streak,” and positive progression systems attempt to use winning streaks to maximize profits. Some excellent examples for positive progression systems are the 1-3-2-6 System, the Parlay System, and the Paroli System.

Negative Progression Systems

Negative progression systems advise players to increase their bets whenever they lose a game. Players need a plump bankroll to employ this system, and the purpose of a negative progression system is to convert a bad game into a winning streak. The biggest drawback of this system is that there is no guarantee that players will win the game if they double their bets. The system can, therefore, deplete players’ bankrolls in no time. A few good examples for negative progression systems are D’Alembert System, Martingale System, and Labouchere System.


Insurance Systems

An insurance betting system is a safe strategy to use as it requires players to decrease their bet amount whenever they win a game. This enables them to stash away part of the profits of a win and use the rest in another game. The D’Alembert System, while being a negative progression system, also functions as an insurance system.

Here is some more information about some of the most popular live betting systems.

Martingale System

This live betting system encourages players to double their bets whenever they lose. Players using this system need to be daring enough to continue doubling their bets whenever they lose in the hopes of winning at one point. When they ultimately do win, they will win big.

Needless to say, there is a catch. Players cannot use the Martingale System if they do not have an unlimited bankroll. The system also doesn’t work on tables that have betting limits. 

D’Alembert System

Players using this system are advised to increase their bets whenever they lose and decrease their bets whenever they win. A very popular strategy with live roulette players, it doesn’t allow players to chase their losses, but slowly pulls them back to a winning streak.

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