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The traditional way of betting on a soccer match is to place the bets on what one believes will be the outcome of the match before it begins. The next step, of course, would be to wait for the match to end and collect the winnings if one wins one’s bet. Thanks to in-play or live betting available at most online betting sites today, soccer enthusiasts can keep betting right up to the last phase of a match. For instance, if team A is playing against team B and the score is 1-0 during the 25th minute of the match, punters can place a bet on who will score the very next goal.

Live soccer betting, however, is not the same at different online bookmakers. Although almost all online sports betting sites offer in-play soccer betting, the betting options offered at different online sportsbooks is different. Since most of the best online sportsbooks compete fiercely against one another, punters stand the chance of finding the best deals if they visit a wide range of soccer betting sites and compare the various betting odds and offers there.

Live Soccer Bet Types

Different online sportsbooks offer different types of soccer bets. The following is a brief introduction to the various types of bets one will find a various online betting sites.

The most commonly placed soccer bet is the Money Line, giving punters the chance to bet on the possibility that the home will win or the away team will win or the match will result in a tie. All punters need to do is wager a specific amount, and if they win their bets, they will get back their bets along with the winnings. For instance, if Punters place a bet of $50 that England will win at odds of 1.4, $50 will be removed from their accounts. If they win their bets, they will get back their $50 plus another $50 multiplied by the odds.

Another simple type of soccer bet is the Straight Bet, challenging punters to choose the correct result of a match. Combination Bets, Multiple Bets, or Parlay Bets are also popular since they allow Punters to place more than one type of bet at the same times. Although Parlay Bets can be very lucrative, they are also riskier than the other types of soccer bets. Punters can place the Double Bet, which is a combination of two bets; however, they must win both bets and if they lose one of those bets, they will lose both. Similarly, a Treble Bet is a combination of 3 bets and punters must win all those bets if they want to get a profit.

Other types of soccer bets are Accumulator Bets, which form a variety of multiple bets; Goal Line, which challenges Punters to bet that the goals scored by both the teams will be either lesser than or more than a pre-determined value; Correct Score, which is a bet placed on the final score; and First Goal, which is a bet placed on which of the two teams will win the first goal, to mention just a few.

Another interesting type of bet is the Draw No Bet, which challenges punters to bet that a particular team will win the match. Punters will get back their bet amounts if the match results in a tie.

Finding Live Soccer Betting Sites

Finding live soccer betting sites should not be difficult because almost all online betting sites offer soccer odds. Before registering an account, soccer bettors can check out a few bookmaker reviews to find out if the online betting site really offers what they want.


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