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Before the advent of in-play or live rugby betting, rugby punters had to place a bet on a rugby match before the match began, and if they failed to place their bets before the match began, they were naturally excluded from the betting activity. In-play betting has changed all that. Live rugby betting allows bettors to place their bets anytime during the course of a rugby match up to the last moment of the match. Fortunately, owing to the popularity of rugby all over the world, the best online bookmakers offer live rugby betting. Avid punters, however, must note that rugby betting is not the same at different online bookmakers. While some online bookmakers offer a wide range of rugby markets, others are not that comprehensive. Rugby bettors must, therefore, do a lot of shopping around to find the best odds.

Placing Live Rugby Bets Online

To place live rugby bets online, bettors are required to first login to their online sportsbook accounts and open the live rugby betting window. This shows them a list of ongoing rugby matches, scores, and odds. The next step is to click on the match that interests them, an action that leads them to a fresh page that comprises almost all the information they need to know to make an informed live rugby bet online. This information may be in the form of player profiles, match statistics, team history, coach information, live commentaries, odds analyses, and much more.

Live rugby betting is much more exciting that traditional rugby betting because it is interactive and involves players in the gaming and betting process more than the usual betting system does. Thanks to live rugby betting, bettors need no longer watch the match passively; instead they can keep modifying and placing bets till the last minute.

For instance, if punters had bet that Rugby Team A will win against Rugby Team B, only to realize that Rugby Team B is playing exceptionally well, they can immediately place another bet that Rugby Team B will win. Thus, they can ensure that they will win at least one of the bets, enough to cover the loss of the other bet.

Another advantage of live rugby betting is the ability to place multiple bets. When odds on bets placed get shorter toward the end of a game, bettors can combine a number of these bets to get better returns. Live betting, therefore, is more exciting, interactive, and challenging, requiring serious punters to be well-informed and alert enough to grab opportunities as they come.

Live Rugby Betting Sites

According to online bookmaker review sites, the best online sportsbooks for rugby betting are Bodog and Bet365, both of which offer fabulous promotions, generous bonuses, and great live rugby betting odds. Simultaneously, live betting experts warn punters against using only one or two online sportsbooks for live rugby betting. The secret to success is to visit as many live rugby betting sites as possible to get the best live rugby odds and the best bonuses, offers, and promotions. Well-informed live rugby bettors can, therefore, find the best live rugby odds if they visit a wide range of live rugby sites such as Ladbrokes, William Hill, Pinnacle,, and others.

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Popular Rugby Tournaments

The rugby events that attract the biggest volume of betting activity are the Rugby World Cup, which is organized once in four years. In addition, six countries Ireland, England, France, Scotland, Italy, and Wales participate in an annual tournament called the Six Nations Tournament.

Rugby punters can also bet on the Tri Nations Tournament, in which New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia play against one another.


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