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Live NFL betting is getting more popular than ever simply because it is interactive and challenging. Punters no longer have to bet before the beginning of an NFL match; instead, they can bet as and when the events of the match unfold, up to the last minute. Live NFL betting is slowly gaining popularity in several parts of the world such as Asia and Europe; in fact, around 75 percent of football bettors place live NFL bets at prominent online sportsbooks.

Live NFL Betting Sites

A wide range of prominent online bookmakers such as Bet365 Sportsbook, Sports Interaction, Bodog Sportsbook, and others offer live NFL betting since live betting is gaining popularity worldwide. However, in the excitement of placing bets while simultaneously watching the match, punters tend to make expensive mistakes and lose most of their bankrolls. Thankfully, this does not happen to serious, professional punters who know how to manage their bankroll, stay informed, and keep their cool during the match. It is true that NFL matches are exciting and action packed, but punters who want to make profits from their live NFL bets must know how to implement the right betting strategies at the right time.

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Types of Live NFL Bets

There are several types of live NFL bets, but the most commonly placed bets are Spread Bets, Money Lines, and Over/Under Bets. Fortunately, online sportsbooks have a wide range of betting options for seasoned as well as amateur players.

The most widely placed bet is the Spread Bet, in which online bookmakers allot certain points to the favorite team. Punters who bet on the favorite team will win if the points scored by that team are more than the points allotted to it. Similarly bookmakers also allot points to the underdog, and punters who bet on the underdog will win the bet if the points scored by the underdog team are less than the points allotted to it.

There is no point spread involved in the Money Line, owing to which beginners usually prefer to place Money Line bets. If they opt for the Money Line, punters simply have to bet on the possibility that a particular team will win. While most of the experienced punters prefer the point spread, novices prefer the Money Line option for its simplicity.

Over/Under live NFL betting also attracts a great deal of attention. In this case, punters will have to bet that the total score of both teams will be either over or under the value specified by the bookmaker.

Among the other uncommon live NFT betting options offered at online sportsbooks is the NFL Prop Bet, which seasoned players enjoy. In fact, NFL prop bets are commonly placed for NFL events such as Super Bowl and Monday Night Football. A live NFL prop bet is actually a side bet that is not directly related to the results of an NFL match or its total score. Online bookmakers offer a wide range of live NFL prop bets, and while they might overwhelm the beginner, they provide a nice opportunity for the seasoned punter to make some extra money.

Prop bets can be bets placed on scores won by a team half way through the match, an individual players’ performance, and so on. In fact, new punters will be surprised at the wide range of things they can bet on.

Live NFL punters must also remember that not all online sportsbooks are alike. While some offer a comprehensive range of live NFL markets, others offer odds on just a few NFL matches. Punters should do their homework before signing up at a live NFL betting site.


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