Live Betting Strategies

Live Betting Strategies for Beginners


Implementing proper strategies is the secret to success in live betting. This simply means that punters must understand how the odds fluctuate as per the gaming situation. As soon as there is a major turn of events, online sportsbooks modify the odds, and if these odds are to players’ advantage, they should be ready to take advantage of these odds. Here are a few live betting strategies for beginners.

Pay Attention

If punters carefully watch the lines as they are changed in the course of a match, they will notice that online sportsbooks follow definite patterns. Online sportsbooks have to act fast to avoid putting smart players at an advantage, but they do not always succeed. A punter who is paying close attention to what is going on in the match and how the online sportsbooks respond to these events, they will notice big money opportunities.

Professional punters can easily exploit live betting markets, especially during those emotional moments during the match when recreational bettors over react, causing dramatic shifts in the odds presented. In this case, all bettors need to do is to bet on the opposite.

Live Betting Systems

Beginners to live betting can take into consideration betting systems devised by Fibonacci, D’Alembert, Martingale, and Labrouchere. Each of these have been analyzed, criticized, and disposed of, but it gives punters a basic idea of how they should plan their bets.

A system that might be of use to punters is the Kelly Criterion, which was devised by John Kelly, the American bettor. The Kelly Criterion is more a system of bankroll management than a betting system because it helps punters determine the size of their bets in relation to the size of their bankrolls. In live betting, however, using the Kelly Criterion is a bit challenging because the odds keep fluctuating throughout the course of the game.

The Five Percent Rule

The five percent rule is very simple because it tells punters not to use more than five percent of their bankrolls for betting. First, bettors must determine how much of their bankroll they are willing to wager on a sports event. According to the five percent rule, players are allowed to wager just five percent of their bankroll on a particular sports event. They should then use just five percent of that pre-determined amount on each bet. Quite understandably, the five percent rule cannot always be used, but it definitely helps punters manage their bankrolls better.

Controlled Betting

Live betting can get very exciting, but bettors must always keep part of their attention on their bankrolls. Controlled betting, in other words, is the key to successful live betting. Punters who cannot control the size of the bets they place will end up losing more money in the long run. The above-mentioned 5 percent rule, therefore, will help players maintain control over their live bets. 

Finding Top Odds

Live sports bettors usually find it very difficult to identify the best odds. Since this is live betting, the odds are not available till the game or match begins, and once online sportsbooks post the odds, they keep modifying them as per the events. Another problem with identifying the best odds for live betting is that online sportsbooks offer live betting on different sports and different matches, making it difficult for live bettors to identify and analyze top odds.

The best strategy for live bettors is to visit different online bookmaking sites to check if they offer odds on the same game. Needless to say, ample research on players, teams, match statistics, and other factors is also essential for players to identify the best odds. 


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