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Live F1 betting is available at a wide range of online sportsbooks; however, each online sportsbook offers different live F1 betting markets for customers. While some online bookmakers focus especially on F1, others do not offer that many options. Punters who are especially fond of betting on F1 should, therefore, check out a few online bookmaker reviews before registering real play accounts for live F1 betting.

It should not be difficult for online bettors to find some great live F1 markets because the popularity of F1 racing is on the rise, with more and more punters betting on the outcomes of each race. Naturally, the online sports betting industry wants to cash in on the popularity of this market, owing to which F1 betting is something that can be found at almost all online bookmakers although punters will have to put in special efforts to find online sportsbooks that offer the best live F1 betting odds.

F1 Betting Options

Most online sportsbooks give punters the opportunity to place bets on F1 racing the traditional way, which means that bettors can place bets on the outcomes of a race before it begins. However, in-play F1 betting or live F1 betting is becoming more popular, with odds fluctuating as the race progresses, giving players the chance to modify their bets or place extra bets to rake in the largest profits.

Some of the most exciting F1 racing bets offered at top online sportsbooks are driver matchups, speed row bets, top 3 finishers, top 6 fishers, outright winner, winning margin, and others. Depending on the online sportsbook, punters can find interesting types of live F1 bets such as the driver who will retire first, the driver with the largest number of laps, and so on, making the punting process more exciting and lucrative than ever. Since the F1 betting industry is developing, bettors in future can expect many more options than are available at present.

Live F1 Bet Types


As previously mentioned, there are several types of live F1 bets, and here is a brief overview of some of them. F1 enthusiasts can place bets on the top three drivers or the top six drivers, both types of bets that are best placed when the race starts. Punters must be prepared for fluctuations in the odds as the race progresses since the odds tend to get shorter as the race nears the end because the chances of positions getting changed lessen when there are just a few laps left in the race.

The top 3 finishers and the top 6 finishers bets, however, must be avoided in the later phases of the race. Punters might think these are the most lucrative bets; however, they must consider chances of mechanical failures, crashes, and other difficulties toward the end of the race.

Another popular type of F1 bet is the Speed Row Bet, which is placed when groups of two to six drivers have to race against one another. Punters need to choose a driver in a group, which will finish the largest number of times within the race.


Live F1 punters can also place fastest lap bets, for which they must pick out a driver who will possibly do the fastest lap. Again, this is a very good bet to be placed at the beginning of the race, not later in the race; the odds will be low initially, but will get higher as the race progresses.

Needless to say, punters need to do a lot of research on practice, individual drivers, cars used, and many other factors before they can place a lucrative in-play F1 bet.


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